Why You Need A Mortgage Broker

getting-the-best-mortgage-brokerA mortgage broker is usually the best option for someone who wishes to have access to a mortgage plan without taking upon himself the trouble of searching for various options and wasting time waiting in line at a bank or another in order to get a loan.

Why a mortgage broker?

For most people, dealing with hassles like mortgages and the financing world can be a cause for extra headache and lost time, especially if it is their first time looking for this type of financing option. This is the reason why you may want a mortgage broker by your side, who will act as a mediator between you and the bank or lender.

The mortgage broker can help you complete the process more easily and share all of his or her knowledge and experience to ensure you get the best mortgage deal for you, by taking into account your situation – especially your employment status, your credit history or your bank documents.

Advantages of choosing a mortgage broker

Usually, a mortgage broker is the best solution when:

  • You want to access tricky loans but you know you have little chance with a local bank due to your credit history – in this case, a mortgage broker knows more lenders then you do and they may help you get the loan you desire;
  • You want multiple loan options to choose from, as opposed to a bank, which is limited in this respect;
  • You want to be able to get in contact with the lender as soon as possible, without spending extra hours handling paperwork;
  • You want the best lending plan and the lowest wholesale interest rates. As opposed to going with the local bank, which is a retailer with higher interest rates, going with a mortgage broker who knows various wholesale rates may help you shop for the rate of your dreams;
  • You are not familiar with the financing world and you want someone to guide you through this process (in exchange for a minor fee).

What does a mortgage broker actually do?

Once you have decided on a certain mortgage broker (do not forget to search for references beforehand), you will need to be prepared to pay them the broker fees or the loan origination fees. After that, the broker will collect from you all the necessary documents needed to determine your current status which will determine what type of mortgage are you eligible for, be it a purchase money mortgage or a refinancing mortgage.

Once this is determined, the broker will submit the loan to a bank or a lender to get approval. This means you will not have to work directly with the bank, but with the broker. If the loan is denied, the broker will keep trying with other banks or mortgage lenders, till the application is approved under convenient terms.

To conclude, a professional mortgage broker will do your work for you, sparing you the effort and coming up with the best solution for your particular situation. Undoubtedly, the best San Diego mortgage broker is Maureen Martin. Her years of experience and dozens of five star reviews all make it clear that her clients love her work. You can call Maureen at (619) 857-7191, or visit her office at 1010 Turquoise St #320, San Diego, CA 92109 in Pacific Beach.

Latest Announcement From San Diego Chargers

After the seemingly emotional farewell game of San Diego Chargers to their fans from San Diego, the team management have made some changes to its structure and big announces.

They have fired their team offensive coordinator and now several coaches are also in the line.

The San Diego Chargers announced Monday that six coaches will not return for the 2016 season. They include Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich, Offensive Line Coach Joe D’Alessandris, Tight Ends Coach Pete Metzelaars, Wide Receivers Coach Fred Graves, Defensive Line Coach Don Johnson and Assistant Offensive Line Coach Andrew Dees.

That leaves a few coaches safe, including Defensive Coordinator John Pagano and LB coach Mike Nolan.

What does this mean for the future of the team? The 2016 Chargers? It means that, quite simply, the team is still believing their own bullshit while also kowtowing to media pressure. Credits: San Diego Chargers announce six coaches fired – Bolts From The …

It seems that the team is under chaos and going nowhere. Apart from these firing and all that, the team had also filed a relocation to Los Angeles.

There are actually 3 NFL teams that applied to move to Los Angeles.

The Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams all have applied to relocate to Los Angeles, the NFL said Monday night.

It’s not a total surprise that the Raiders and Chargers would set their sights on LA. (The Chargers have tried nine times in 14 years for a new stadium in San Diego.) Sources told the San Diego Union Tribune that the two teams are scheming to share a new facility in Carson — which would mean LA could go from zero to two (two!) football teams for the 2016 season. The Rams reportedly pitched a stadium in Inglewood. Credits: 3 NFL Teams Just Applied To Move To Los Angeles – Huffington Post

However, even if this season is so worst to the chargers, their head coach will remain to the team.

The San Diego Chargers have announced that Mike McCoy will remain in the head coach role for a fourth season. Team president John Spanos said in a letter posted to the team’s website that while they are disappointed with the results of the 2015 season, Spanos, McCoy and general manager Tom Telesco have already begun evaluating the changes that must be made to improve in 2016. Credits: Chargers keep Mike McCoy as head coach despite his worst season …

We believe that San Diego chargers will get through and get back their feet in the next season.

As long as the team are still able and willing to fight, there is no reason they won’t make it next time around.